Gary Bias: An Obama Created Walking Time Bomb

Obama has a legacy, and Gary Bias represents that legacy well.

People describe 23-year old Gary Bias as quiet and loving. And Mr. Quiet and Loving beat his 82-year old great-grandmother to death.

He then lured his mother to his great-grandmother’s apartment, where he attempted to kill her too.

During his arraignment for murder and attempted murder charges, Bias admitted to having one regret: that he hadn’t finished off his mother.

As the New York Daily News reported,

Cops say the suspect duct-taped Ella-Nae Bias’ wrists and ankles to a chair before beating the 82-year-old into a bloody pulp Friday inside her E. Fourth St. apartment.

Gary Bias then called his 39-year-old mother, claiming that his great-grandmother wanted to see her, cops said.

When the mother arrived, Ella-Nae was already dead and Gary was “lying in wait,” a police source said.

Apparently Gary Bias came to his great grandmother’s house looking for some money and clothes. When she didn’t give him what he wanted, he decided to end her life.

It’s not like the family didn’t know who they were dealing with, as Bias was a career felon. The man has been arrested 16 times. The last time he was arrested the incident involved another family member, as Bias last November attacked his 42-year-old step-father with a mini-baseball bat, according to police.

The article continues,

Neighbors said they knew Gary — but never realized he could be so violent.

“That kid had a good upbringing, you would never suspect this of him,” neighbor Tyrone Bethea said. “The kid was a quiet, loving kid, but I guess he was a walking time bomb. I don’t know what set him off. He looked like he had a lot of things bottled up.”

People like Bias have a lot of Liberalism bottled up. The lack of discipline and accountability. People like Bias are the direct results of a society that overlooks their “little indiscretions,” allowing super predators to be born, yes even cultivated.

Barack Obama let them know that their actions are condoned. That is the Obama legacy.


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