Gender Gap: More Liberal Propaganda

Only in America. The freest country for any person, regardless of age, race, or gender or religion.

Further, in a country where women routinely have men subordinates, Liberal women constantly complain about “the gender gap.”

The gender gap is as fictitious as global climate change, the yeti, Big Foot, unicorns, the abomin…you get the picture. Nevertheless, like all Liberal wet dreams, the narrative is set, so the boogeyman must be found! And of course, men must pay for the expeditions.

According to the editors of Time magazine, it will take another 83 years to close the gender gap. That’s a pretty specific number, so I wonder if they can also tell us when the ice caps will melt (Al Gore missed that one). Or perhaps they can tell us how long it will take to end racism?

Or when we will all pray 6 times a day facing Mecca and eat halal food?

The figure of 83 years comes from the World Economic Forum’s Global Report on Gender Gap for 2016.  And we can certainly take this group seriously since it has a really cool name.

Then there is also the fact that the United State ranked #45, while the bastion of Macho Men and 3rd-World patriarchal Nicaragua made the Top 10.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by this woman that in America there is a WOMAN running to be the leader of the FREE WORLD!

Moreover, perhaps the World Economic Forum is unaware of the life of the typical Nicaraguan woman?

According to FSDINTERNATIONAL.ORG, Nicaraguan women are largely in charge of labor intensive tasks for maintaining the household. They carry water, collect fuel wood, care for children, produce agriculture, and work in the market. Ask an American woman do this, and she would serve a man with divorce papers.

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum put Uganda on the UN Human Rights Committee. Isn’t this the country who kicked out all the Asians?

Time Magazine compares women who struggle for bare necessities in their 3rd-World armpits with American women who call their attorney when they break a nail?

These are the same American women who complain because they spend an hour more time doing housework than men (see Women vs. Men chart).

 Men would lucky if the gender gap ended in the next 83 years. This is a ruse to make men believe the end is in sight. It’s not. At least not as long as there are Liberal women.

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