GOP Office Firebombed: Media Will Claim Trump Did It

The media has yet another controversy on which to blame Trump.

In what is an obviously desperate move, the Democrats have destroyed the GOP office in North Carolina. Trump believes the arsonists are Democrats as well.

Along with the Republican Party headquarters, a nearby building was vandalized as well. Police are now hunting for the culprit(s).

If I may make a suggestion, look for people wearing Obama t-shirts, and perhaps an “I’m with Her” pin.

According to The Charlotte Observer, along with the inside damage to the building the adjacent building, the terrorists who committed the act also painted the building with graffiti that read:

“Nazi Republicans get out of town or else,”

According to the state GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse, “The office itself is a total loss…“The only thing important to us is that nobody was killed, and they very well could have been.”

Don’t expect a lot of media coverage, since it was only the Republicans who are impacted by this. However, if the Democrats’ office were firebombed, the incident would be front page news. And of course they would blame Republicans.

Ironically, when Democrat offices are destroyed, it is generally Democrats who do it. Then they blame Republicans. In the case of the GOP office in North Carolina, you can bet that the perpetrators are Democrats.

Democrats will of course deny the accusations, and claim a “vast right-wing conspiracy against them.”

Then Julian Assange will verify what we already know. Democrats are the scumbag who did the dastardly deed. We will find out that some subversive group paid by the DNC or the Clinton Foundation is responsible.

You can bet that #BLM or #OWS got non-compete contracts, and away they went. Just like Democrats used to intimidate blacks by firebombing churches, they use the same tactics.

For the Democrats to stoop so low, they must be watching the polls; the real polls.


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