Government: Spending $1 Billion of Your Money to Make Obama Seem Smarter

Barack Obama is an idiot. His policies wouldn’t pass the scrutiny of a high school civics class in the former “real” world.

However today, given the stupidity of those who have pushed in all their chips on this moron, Obama must be made to look godlike. The Fed spends your money to make Obama seem smarter.

So if you won’t believe that Obama has been a godsend to America, he’s willing to spend your money to change your mind.

According to FOX News, Obama spend $500 million annually on federal employee PR minion who tout his policies. This is the height of pay to play.

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Moreover, Obama spent another $1 billion on an outside firm who then bolster the nonsense of the paid minions. What a waste, when you consider that nothing could make Obama seem smarter.

Let’s hope President Trump dumps both these teams, but only after they’ve been paid to tell the REAL truth about Obama’s policies.



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