Hillary Clinton: Haitian Hustler

I have written extensively about the Clinton Foundation’s corruption. Their racketeering organization works worldwide, but its hub is Haiti.

The Clintons pretend to help people, when in fact they do quite the opposite. Hillary Clinton is a Haitian hustler.

The Clintons’ own people realized what was happening with their crooked foundation. In one of the WikiLeaks emails, Podesta validates the corruption surrounding gold mines in Haiti.

Podesta email on Haiti gold mines

Podesta admits knowing about the Clinton Foundation ripping off Haiti. He even volunteers to take a bullet for Hillary, as long as she cleans up her act.

Podesta mentions “red alerts, loud bells, warning signals, and red flags,” and yet the American media said nothing.

The complicit FBI plays Sergeant Schulz, as “I see NO-THING!”

Podesta even mentions other scandals involving the Clintons:

“foreign donations and paid speeches and hustling gold mining deal by her brother are entirely legitimate issues that are self-created, and must be self-corrected before it is too late.”

But the Clintons have their prepared talking points. At the last debate, Hillary Clinton read off a litany of lies about what TCF does, and even said they pass on 90 percent of their money to charitable efforts.

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows that an overwhelming number of Americans now feel the Clintons should be in prison, and Hillary Clinton ineligible to run for president. Poll results are as follows:

  • The FBI should have sought a criminal indictment: 53 percent;
  • The FBI made the right decision not to seek one: 39 percent.

A large portion of voters believe that Clinton’s issues with classified information are an important factor in whom they choose for president:

  • Very important: 49 percent;
  • Not important: 27 percent;
  • Not at all important: 9 percent.

The next questions have bigger implications. For example, Breaking down the results by party affiliation, Republicans and Democrats differ widely in their views on a possible indictment.

  • Clinton supporters who agree with no indictment: 85 percent;
  • Trump supporters who disagree: 92 percent;

So 15 percent of Clinton supporters agree she should have been indicted. This means there might be uncertainty in her camp when it’s time to cast the vote.

Next, when asked whether the indictment issue is important to their vote:

  • Trump supporters: 96 percent;
  • Clinton supporters: 37 percent.

Again, 37 percent of Clinton supporters see her corruption as a potential impediment to supporting her, and I expect that number to grow.

Other poll findings showed that men and voters over 40 were more likely to believe Clinton should have been indicted than women and younger voters. This is bad news for Hillary Clinton given that older people are much more likely to vote.

Further, Americans don’t trust the FBI. Many Americans believe that FBI Director James Comey is complicit in the scandal.

No wonder the number one issue for most American is corruption, and by a wide margin. 60.2 percent of the American people say government corruption is a major issue. 40.5 percent believe that terrorist acts are the next biggest issue.

None of this bodes well for Hillary–the Haitian hustler.



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