Hillary Clinton Looks Past Trump

I read a headline: Hillary Clinton looks past Trump. I wondered if she saw his motorcade from her jail cell, as she gazed upon the horizon?

The media reported that Hillary Clinton has tired of Trump’s childish antics, so Clinton has moved on. Politico reported it this way:

Hillary Clinton is done with Donald Trump.

Using her most dismissive language of the campaign — “I don’t even think about responding to him anymore” — Clinton said Saturday she is now more focused on electing other Democrats in the final days of the 2016 campaign than her Republican opponent.

“As we’re traveling in these last 17 days we’re going to be emphasizing the importance of electing Democrats down the ballot,” Clinton told reporters aboard her campaign plane.

The article implied that Hillary Clinton is empowered to help those “down the ballot,” since she is obviously doing so well. How many people are begging for Hillary Clinton to campaign with them?

Essentially, America can forget about WikiLeaks turned WikiPour. Nothing to see here, though the bad news continues to rain down on Clinton.

The press almost wholly ignores the seemingly unending allegations against Hillary Clinton, her family, friends, acquaintances, and even her lowly IT guy. We’ve watched repeatedly as Hillary Clinton fell on the sword, took personal responsibility, and plead for transparency, while all around her took the 5th. I guess that little detail escaped the scrutiny of the press?

Bernie Sanders was destroyed by the crooked machine of the DNC. And although Bernie sold out and now lives la vida loca, one would think the conspiracy of his demise would still be a topic of discussion.

Why bother? Bernie has his new mansion and Audi 8. As for Hillary Clinton’s DNC co-conspirator, you can bet that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has picked up the shattered pieces of her broken life to rise to power in some other Liberal-infested milieu.

Thus, I can clearly see why Hillary Clinton has decided to look past Trump. Payoffs in place with high level officials, and a complicit media, where 65 journalists met in a cabal against Trump?

Politico went on to explain why Clinton could be so bold:

It was the surest declaration of confidence yet from a candidate and a campaign that enters the home stretch in so commanding a position that they are redirecting cash and manpower to traditionally red states, including Arizona, Missouri, Indiana and Georgia.

Ahh, then there are those polls,. Debunk them if you will, but polls are polls.

We are told that Hillary Clinton has amassed a resounding, dare I say insurmountable lead. Don’t let the lack of attendance at her events dissuade you from the set narrative. Only 100 people to see Hillary Clinton at a black church? Excuse: It was discount chicken night at KFC!

So what Tim Kaine was forced to cancel an event two days before the event. There must be an excuse for this. Today we still wait on the answer.

These two Liberal knuckledraggers have hit the trail repeated, only to find empty venues.

So Hillary Clinton looks past Trump. She will continue to look past Trump, soon from one of her multi-million dollar mansions. But she won’t look past him from the Oval Office.




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