Hillary Clinton Needs Help Down Stairs

Hillary Clinton can’t keep the lid on her lingering health issues. It’s like the Left believe the public will forget about it.

We might, if the health issues didn’t persist. However, questions about Clinton’s health have re-emerged, due to her campaign appearance on Friday.

At the event, Clinton had another coughing fit, while delivering lies. The Daily Mail took note of this, and noted this was the second time in a week that Clinton had experienced trouble with coughing. As on social media friend of mine quipped, “I guess that pneumonia is still there?”

To add insult to injury, Clinton needed assistance walking down the stairs at the venue.

Recall that only a few days ago while going to the podium at a university event, Clinton needed help up two steps. Help up a staircase, and perhaps people would overlook it; certainly at her age. But to need help up two steps by Secret Service, and having the “doctor” nearby isn’t good for optics.

Further, a few days ago, Hillary Clinton exited a building and like with the most recent event, she immediately looked for something to grab on to as she walked down the stairs.

During an appearance in Chicago, Clinton appeared to have a recurrence of eye problems. We documented this recently with a video that showcased how her eyes move in different directions.

Clinton’s health has been a campaign issue raised by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and he is justified in doing so. It seems that the Left are determined to cover this up. The truth should be no problem here. People get sick. However the cover-up indicates that Clinton’s camp will lie about the most basic of the human condition.

Trump says Clinton lacks stamina for the job. Although Clinton alluded to all the miles she’s flown and deals she negotiated (badly) as Secretary of State, flying around in the lap of luxury doesn’t not stamina make.

Trump may have been magnanimous when on September 11 Hillary Clinton almost passed out. However you can bet Trump won’t let another mental or physical lapse go without harsh comment.




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