Hillary Clinton Nightmare: Blacks for Trump

Hillary Clinton’s and the rest of the Leftists nightmare is defections of blacks from the Democratic Party. And that nightmare happens daily.

Here is yet another black man who has left the plantation, and who adds to Hillary Clinton’s nightmare.


The media dismisses black Conservatives, but this brother was not a Conservative. He didn’t vote Republican for most of his life. Something drove him to take a more serious look at Trump.

For you poll watchers, know that brothers like this man aren’t polled. They are off the grid, as far as pollsters are concerned. Why should pollsters bother calling the hood, when they know how blacks will vote, right?

To hear the Left spin things, Hillary has sewn up this election. She will get more of the black vote than Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is King Kong in the black community, and Trump is universally despised, right?

That’s why when Hillary visited that black church in Cleveland, it was packed with a whopping 100 black people. A church with a capacity of 2,000 had 100 people in attendance to meet who the media tells us is the next president of the United States.

Somebody better let black people know it, or they will continue to be part of Hillary Clinton’s nightmare.

Furthermore, they’d better let black people know that they are ruining Barack Obama’s legacy, if they don’t allow Hillary to assume to position. {pun intended}

The media have done an amazing job propping up Clinton. To defend Hillary Clinton is reprehensible. But the investment in Liberalism has been made by Democrats, and they must see it through to the tragic end.

I have said for some time the media ignores Democrat defections from Hillary Clinton. How many politicians secretly cannot support crooked Hillary? How many Democrats in the cocoon of ignorance bite their tongue and pretend to support Clinton?

Over 100,000 Democrats have become Republicans in OH. Another 44,000 did the same in PA. There was a project to get 12,000,000 Democrats to leave the party earlier this year. Many did leave. Many were black. And they are now on the Trump train.

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