Hillary Clinton Pimps Jay-Z

I thought Jay-Z was Beyonce’s bitch. It turns out, Hillary Clinton pimps Jay-Z.

Jay-Z built his reputation as being on being a dope dealer, and menacing the streets of Brooklyn. But the more refined Jay-Z is just a prostitute for the Democrats, and specifically Hillary  Clinton.

As Cleve Scene reports,

Jay-Z will perform in Cleveland at a concert aimed at getting out the vote among young African Americans and in support of Hillary Clinton, a Clinton aide told various news outlets today.

Hova’s been down this road before — on the eve of the last presidential election, Jay-Z partnered up with Bruce Springsteen for an Obama event in Columbus that drew 15,000. He, along with LeBron, also headlined an Obama rally at the Woltein Center four years before that. (One would assume King James will probably make an appearance at this one too.)

That’s all good news. The bad news, for now: no details have been announced yet.

It’s difficult to miss the irony. Black Liberals hate white people, especially rich white people. However black Liberals will tolerate the ones who pay the bills. Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton pays Jay-Z’s bills. Perhaps a better way to put it is Clinton provides the mechanism for Jay-Z to get paid.

These rappers rely on the strife the Democrats create. What else would they have to rap about, if it weren’t for all the oppression by Democrats.

Rappers talk of cops killing them, crime in the hood, dealing drugs to make a living. Look at what Jay-Z’s wife earn by accusing cops of hunting black people.

Rappers glorify thug life, as they rap about what most of them aspire to have…bling.

You get the bling, you get to live like a king, with lots of “bitches and hos.”

The only thing better would be to “ball” in the NBA like LeBron.

So make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton pimps Jay-Z and he loves it like a cuckold husband. If Jay-Z were honest, he would explain how Democrats cause most of the problems blacks face in America. But he knows how the racket works.

Trump would ruin Jay-Z livelihood, because Trump would bring prosperity to blacks. Trump would alter how blacks think about the human condition.

As for the concert, let’ hope NOBODY GETS SHOT! If they do, it won’t be by a cop.


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