Hillary Clinton: The Scripted Candidate

On my site Silence is Consent, we posted the story about Hillary Clinton using a child actor to ask a question.

Hillary Clinton is the scripted candidate. If it weren’t for orchestration, she’d would have never made it to where she is.


Why the Left would try these tactics on the public is scurrilous to say the least!

For the record, the people positioned behind Clinton are scripted.

And you can bet that many members of the audience are actors as well. They would rather get their toenails pulled out by pliers, however in this economy, a buck is a buck!

You should note a couple of things about this event.

First the number of people is relatively small. The Clinton campaign claims it want “intimate” events, however notice the staging. This isn’t some small nightclub setting, but a big place with few people. The staging is meant to showcase the enormity of the event, while eating up LOTS of space.

There are easily less than 500 people, and the question again is, “Who are they?”


Next, they call the event a “Family Town Hall”. Note the signage. This message implies that “small.” But it also suggests that the event was meant to be about family, thus the setup question by the child actor.


And who’s there campaigning with Clinton? Her multi-million dollar daughter, who got every advantage the average American family’s child will not get. Such is the life of the scripted candidate.

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