Hillary Clinton Has Temperament of a Constipated Rattlesnake

Hillary Clinton talks about Trump’s so-called vile temperament. Truth is Hillary Clinton possesses the temperament of a constipated rattle snake.

Watch as the constipated rattlesnake mouths “F*ck you” to Donald Trump, during the 3rd debate.

Hillary has called black people niggers and super predators. She is well-known for using calling black people niggers behind their backs.

Clinton is much more bold, when it comes to Conservatives. As most of us know, she called half of Donald Trump supporters “deplorables.” That didn’t imply that she accepted the other half, as she has talked much smack about Conservatives in general, the Tea Party Community, and of course the dastardly Republicans.

Then of course there are MEN!

Hillary Clilnton hates men, a likely by-product of the one she’s married to. He almost ruined her career! So all other American men must carry the brunt of Bill “the Rapist” Clinton.

Hillary Clinton states clearly that she fights for women. Thus, she either doesn’t fight for men, or she actually fights against me. I think it’s the latter. Because what in the hell have men done for this country!?

Throw out all the capitalism and then going off to war to fight for it, and you can see that men have done nothing for America.

Regardless of the scourge that black people, men, and Conservatives have done in this country, Hillary Clinton vows to represent us all. Wasn’t that her final plea in the last debate. She asked that we allow her to represent us all.

Perhaps. But the Hillary Clinton I know will tell me what I want to hear. All I really want to hear her say is that she’s ready to go to prison, but that just wishful thinking.

Hillary Clinton pretend to care about everybody and everything, as she mouths “F*uck You” to America. I don’t think America is fooled. In fact, I believe America will should “F*CK YOU!” to Hillary Clinton on Nov 8.

We will send this constipated rattlesnake down a rat hole.

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