NAACP: Black Cops Not Real Black People

One of the most useless and racist organizations in America is the NAACP.

The organization is replete with relics, anachronisms in today’s society. The only thing that makes them relevant is these fools continue to support their oppressors.

The NAACP won’t recognize racism by white elitists who tell them that white people by nature of their skin are “privileged” over blacks. So the racist black clowns spew their masters’ venom, perennial attack dogs whenever the dog whistle of racism is blown.

Blacks who support the NAACP live in a delusional world where black people are not humans, but experiments.

The spokesperson for the NAACP in Charlotte spoke out on behalf of Keith Scott.

According to some, forty-three-year-old Keith Scott was said to be a good man and father to his kids. That’s the narrative we are told to believe.

However there is more to the story, as in San Antonio, Texas, 2002, Scott was arrested for evading arrest, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault bodily injury. The New York Times reported that he shot and wounded a man in the case.

Two years later in 2004, Scott was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and then his wife filed for a restraining order. Court records indicate his wife declared,

“My husband Keith Scott assaulted me several times by stabbing me in the back almost puncturing my lungs, he sliced my ear and bruised my body.”

What did his wife do? She voluntarily dismissed the restraining order.

Scott then assaulted the woman’s 8-year old son, and she requested a restraining order. ONE guess what she did later.

Yes, again she voluntarily lifted the restraining order only days later.

Thus, the NAACP has yet another poster child; a solid citizen cleansed of his transgressions.

This is why the NAACP made a list of demands to the Charlotte police department to ensure black police officers never again shoot and kill threatening armed black men.

The NAACP spokesperson actually said that black cops cannot be black:

“Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black. In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture,” said an NAACP representative.

The NAACP represents all that is bad about this country. Americans should treat them as a hate group.



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