Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Causes Fight in NYC

I apologize in advance for using “naked” and “Hillary” in the same sentence. That’s difficult to burn from one’s mental imagery.

Nevertheless, it was a naked Hillary Clinton statue that caused a stir in New York City just today.

Apparently Hillary Clinton is not universally liked. I was surprised to find this out, given the polls and the adoring throngs who come to see her at rallies, and hear her speak.

Certainly Wall Street types seem to love her.

The creator of this art piece depicts Clinton with hoofed feet, as a Wall Street banker rests his head on her bare breasts. Needless to say, we know the little Wall Street midget had just suckled at the teat of Mama Wall Street.

I can only surmise that the artist will show another version of the Hillary Clinton statue with a grown up version of the Wall Street midget–let’s call him Lucifer–after he was nourished by Hillary Clinton’s crooked breast milk.

As for the fight, you can see people wishing to defend the Hillary Clinton statue, while at least one lady was content to kick the crap out of it. Ironically, the main antagonist to Hillary’s statue was…a woman! The protector? A eunuch!

As the eunuch berates the woman attempt to stomp a hole in Hillary Clinton, another man appears to molest her publicly. I’m not sure if he was auditioning for the role of “Trump: The Molestation of Hillary,” set to open November 8? But he did a poor job.

Think what you want about what you see. I find much of the political theater of today interesting, mostly because of the confidence I have in the people, and not the “systems” attempting to manipulate us.

The fact that a woman would attack a Clinton statue in Manhattan speaks volumes to me.

Further, the fact that Amy Schumer was booed for speaking badly of Trump, speaks volumes to me.

We will speak volumes on Nov 8.

H/T Breitbart


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