BREAKING: Did Obama Block FBI in Hillary Clinton Email Investigation?

There is a story that the Department of Justice may be running interference against one of its own departments.

According to Yahoo,

The DOJ is REFUSING to access a warrant that would allow FBI officials to read any of the newly discovered Abedin emails. They are still in the dark about whether they include any classified material that the bureau has not already seen.


 Obama’s Justice Dept. is stonewalling Comey’s entire FBI investigation because they know the findings will put an end to Hilllary Clinton’s political career.

A move like this would not help Hillary Clinton, as it could be seen as more stonewalling by the Obama administration. Clinton herself has asked that all information be released as soon as possible, as have 4 Democrat Senators.

As I wrote no long ago, there is no way any Democrat really wants the information released, however any interference by the DOJ or perceived interference for Obama would undoubtedly backfire.

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I also wrote recently that I believe Obama got his orders to allow the FBI to go after Hillary Clinton. I believe Clinton must now be jettisoned, if the Democrats want to salvage any semblance of propriety.

Nevertheless, Obama blocking an investigation into the Clintons is not unprecedented. According to the Washington Times, Obama interfered in a potential investigation against The Clinton Foundation earlier this year:

The Trump campaign seized on reports Thursday that the Obama administration rejected requests from three FBIfield offices that wanted to open public corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

After banks alerted the field offices to suspicious activity involving the Clinton family charity, the FBI wanted to investigate conflicts of interest stemming from foreign donations during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, CNN reported.

“Today’s news that President Obama’s Department of Justice overruled three separate DOJ field offices and the FBI in declining to open a public corruption charge against the Clinton Foundation shows a troubling pattern of Obama and Clinton politicizing any government institution for their own personal political interests,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement.

We will know soon enough. For what it’s worth, the damage has been done, as Clinton’s political career is over. America will take a worthless novice as a president, who won’t show his grades or birth certificate. However we won’t elect a known racketeer, who is likely far worse.


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