Obama Shows Presidential Erection to Adoring Staffers

So you think Trump’s “lewd” talk is crude? Did somebody say, president election or presidential erection?

Check out Obama, as he shows off his presidential erection to staffers on a plane.

Let’s see how the media covers this. Oh wait…that is CNN!

Just so you know, I’m not sure if Obama was president at the time. But does it really matter. It could have been ELEVEN YEARS AGO! The Left will say,

“It’s just a bodily function. He wasn’t being LEWD!”

Too bad Larry Nichols wasn’t around to provide him a “happy ending.”

Regardless, personally I’d prefer to see video of Hillary Clinton kicking Bill’s buttocks during one of his bimbo eruptions. My Secret Service contacts say these are epic.

Even Snopes called this “Unproven”, which is tantamount to “Yes Obama did this.”

While Grabien News’ interpretation of this video was amusing, they provided no actual proof for anything they claimed. The video is too grainy to tell if it actually captured Barack Obama sporting an erection, and there’s no evidence in the video that the female reporter was “uncomfortable,” that Obama lifted his leg as a “chauvinistic” display, or that people were told to sit down so they could “get a better look.”

Grabien News saw what they wanted to see in the video — an erection — and then invented the emotions and subsequent actions of passengers on the plane in order to fit their narrative. Other viewers may see nothing out of the ordinary in Obama’s pants, a small object in his pocket, or an embarrassing bunch-up of cloth. The video is open to some interpretation, it is certainly not hard evidence that Barack Obama “flaunted” his erection to female supporters.

According to Getty Images, the above-displayed video was taken on 7 May 2008 as Obama boarded his campaign plane at Midway Airport. The captions included with those photographs, taken by Mark Wilson, simply stated that Obama was talking on his phone as the plane boarded:

So I ask you, what man stands with his leg hiked up like that without drawing attention to his “crotchular” region.

Moreover, what about the video? I guess for the Left, video is not enough evidence, when you’re a Democrat.


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