Olango: Man Shot In El Cajon Was Illegal

Surprise surprise. The man shot by police in El Cajon, CA was here illegally.

A real life African-America, Alfred Olango hailed from Uganda. Believe it or not, Uganda didn’t want its native son back, when America was done with him.

As reported by News 10,

EL CAJON, Calif. — U.S. authorities tried twice to deport the unarmed black man fatally shot by police in a San Diego suburb, but his native Uganda refused to take him, resulting in his release.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement to The Associated Press that Alfred Olango stopped reporting to officers in February 2015. Spokeswoman Virginia Kice didn’t know if officers tried to find him after that.

Olango arrived as a refugee in 1991 and was ordered deported in 2002 after being convicted on drug charges. He was released under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling barring detention of foreign nationals after six months if deportation is unlikely.

Immigration authorities (ICE) took Olango into custody in 2009 after a firearms conviction in Colorado but were again unable to obtain travel documents.

That’s right. Another stellar example of Liberals’ refugee resettlement program.

It’s bad enough that taxpayers fund this nonsense. But then we are forced to deal with the aftermath, which in this case is a criminal involved in drugs and carrying illegal firearms. Surely there would have been a place in the Obama administration for such a solid citizen?

So what really happened in El Cajon? Suicide by cop.

A criminal was distraught over the death of a friend, supposedly. He decided to have the cops end his life.

Leave it to the Leftist racist to try to make this situation about Olango’s skin color. And of course the fact that he was “unarmed” plays into the narrative. Forget that this man kept his hand in his pocket, pretending to be armed. The race pimps don’t care.


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