On-Air Surprise Won’t Help Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Bill Clinton is a rapist, and Hillary Clinton knows this. In fact, Hillary Clinton has been complicit in covering Bill Clinton’s sordid indiscretions.

In what amounts to a serious backfire, Hillary Clinton unleashed the kraken, thinking Bill Clinton could save her campaign. What a disaster he has been, as this on-air surprise suggests.

This video showcases just how bad things are, as the husband of the woman who supposedly battles the “War on Women” is called a rapist on national TV.

As FOX News did a fluff story, a kid behind unbuttoned his shirt and showed Bill Clinton from the 90’s with the word “Rapist” under it.

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Security quickly whisked the youngster away, as he yelled, “Bill Clinton is a Rapist!”

The shock for Hillary Clinton’s campaign is this young man is a Millennial. It must scare them that Millennials have become aware of the Clintons’ past. And what else will they learn?

As we have documented the many bodies that lie in the wake of the Clintons; mysterious deaths for the most part. An on-air surprise like this won’t help the Clintons, as Millennials and other begin to explore more of the Clintons’ sordid past.


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