Pay to Play: Part of Clinton Family DNA (audio)

Pay to play is part of the Clinton family DNA.

Bill Clinton makes the average scumbag adulterer look like a Tibetan monk. He hid his sexual dalliances from Arkansas constituents. However when he appeared in the “bigs” and wanted to be president, the politics changed dramatically.

Lucky for Bill Clinton he married a woman more ruthless than he. If we’ve learned anything about Hillary Clinton, we know that when it comes to power, GAME ON, BITCHES!

She would pour lighter fluid on anybody in her path to power, and gladly toss the match. I suspect she is the person who taught Bill Clinton about pay to play

According to Breitbart, the footage is a 1991 clip in which Bill Clinton is heard telling his alleged mistress Gennifer Flowers to deny that he aided her in obtaining a state job.

“If they ever asked if you’d talked to me about it, you can say no,” Clinton can be heard saying in the audio, which was secretly recorded by Flowers.

Bill was referring to the media’s inquiries into his relationship with Flowers, and he was worried that reporters would raise questions about how she landed her job as administrative assistant for the Arkansas Appeal Tribunal.

He also gave Flowers advice on how to handle a grievance filed by a woman who applied for the same position and alleged that she was more qualified that Flowers, making it seem like she was only hired because of her sexual relationship with Bill.

Here’s an excerpt of when Bill explicitly told Flowers to say “no” if she is asked about whether she discussed the state job with him.

GF – Well the only thing that concerns me, where I’m, where I’m concerned at this point is the state job.

BC – Yeah. I never thought about that, but as long as you say you’ve just been looking for one, you’d uh, check on it. If they ever asked if you’d talked to me about it, you can say no.

GF – Well and I would. But I’m… here is the thing I’ve got to consider, too, is I’ve gotta go in there to work every day. You know what I mean?

BC – Yep.

GF – And if, and if these people start talking or someone in the press…

BC – Well, have they been nice to you there?

GF – Yeah they have been. But I don’t, you know, I mean, I just want you to know what’s going on. And I’ll be glad to hang in there.

Bill Clinton conspired with Jennifer Flowers to keep the lid on their relationship, as well as the job he got her in exchange to keep quiet about their sexual relation. The dialog continues:

BC – Has the, has the…

GF – But if it gets real…

BC – Has the grievance committee ruled yet?

GF – No. Not that I am aware of. Uh, I forget the guy’s name that appeared to be the head of it. Dudley or Dewey. Is there a Dudley or a Dewy or somebody? Do you know?

BC – I don’t know.

GF – Don Barnes was there. And of course…

BC – Is he happy with you?

GF – Well sure. (Laughter.) I’m good. I’m good at what I do, Bill.

BC – I know.

GF – But Don was, you know. He… He pretty much… When this guy was trying to beat up on me a little, said, “hey, I don’t see the relevance of this” and dadada. And then the head of the grievance committee said “I don’t either and I think we need to go on and you know go, not go along with this line of questioning.” And then that was about it except for just some other minor questions. But I found that curious that he would ask me how I found out about the job.

BC – Yeah.

GF – Now maybe at this point I’m paranoid but I mean no one has mentioned anything about it to me at all but I just found that, that I found interesting.

BC – Yeah.


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