Police Officers Help Black Mother

A mother lost her job, and couldn’t buy her son new shoes. He’s the typical youngster, constantly active, and he’d worn out his shoes. They were too small and full of holes.

What the police did to help out is a story that the Left doesn’t want told.

Because the mother, Tamika Osby was arguing with the boy’s father over the shoes, the police were called.

To believe the Left, the police were called to shoot the father, a black man. Why else would the woman call them. Black people fear the police, right?

Yet black people call the police disproportionately more than whites. We put ourselves in harm’s way, if we are to believe the Liberal narrative of black people versus police.

Detective Cale McClain and Sergeant Steve Nore arrived at the residence of Tamika Osby, and face a tough situation. Osby had been arguing with her son Johntel’s dad over buying a pair of shoes for the 2-year-old. His father reneged on his promise to make the purchase.

The police officers defused the situation, one that should not have even involved the police, frankly. But it was what they did next that matters.

The officers understood the significance of the event. For the mother, the shoes represented more than shoes. They represented a promise; in this case a broken promise of a father.

McClain and Nore took action. They visited a nearby shoe store and bought a brand new pair of sneakers for the little guy.

“For him to care so much, just lets me know that there are still good people out there,” the happy mom told KCCI.

But don’t expect Black Lives Matter to praise the police for what they did. These types of things happen daily in America, but the generosity of police are ignored. The Left treat the police as if they aren’t even human beings.


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