Politics and Kaepernick Killing the NFL

I love to see the NFL getting its ass kicked in ratings. They have Kaepernick to thank, as Kaepernick is killing the NFL.

The NFL didn’t help themselves, as they started “sissifying” the game. Shortly thereafter came the political correctness that is now in full swing.

We endured the Michael Sam (remember him?) fiasco, when the NFL showcased how gay it could be. Where is Sam now? Oh that’s right, he washed out of the European Football League–I know, right! Then he was on anti-depressants after ending his relationship with some dude. Now, guess who is some dude? Who was I talking about? Anyway…

Now we have BPM: Black Players Matter. Uh yeah…we already know that.

The disproportionate number of black multi-millionaires proved that the NFL isn’t as racist as at least the rest of society.

In a twist of irony, politics has become more popular than the NFL.

Our chart shows the debate versus Sunday AND Monday night football. Though the debate was only ONE night, with audience age 18-49 the debate beat the NFL

Debate (RED circles): 23,760

NFL (BLUE arrows): 21,059

In ratings terms, the NFL was trounced!


From TV by the Numbers,

Cable news coverage of the record-setting first presidential debate and a pair of NFL games are the only cable entries in the combined Top 25 for the second week of the season.

CNN’s debate coverage* is the top cable show among adults 18-49, tying for fifth overall in the combined rankings with a 3.6 rating.”Monday Night Football” scored a 3.1 for ESPN, good for 11th place. Fox News had the biggest debate audience at 11.43 million, which ranks ninth.

(*The broadcast networks’ debate coverage isn’t ranked because it aired commercial-free. NBC, ABC and CBS all would have ranked in the Top 25 had it been included.)

It gets worse. As in the overall category, the numbers were as follows:

Debate: 53,117

NFL: 28,964


Again, Conservatives who represent 80 percent of America have spoken. Let’s see if the NFL will start listening!

Perhaps Kaepernick has done the NFL a favor?




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