Polls: Trump Confounds the Naysayers

Despite the barrage occurring from the media, and punk ass Republicans, Trump still leads crooked Hillary Clinton.

Trump confounds the naysayers, because he’s not the typical “white bread” Republican candidate. And the polls reflect what’s happening.

They say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and Trump proves this over and over again.

What must drive the elites crazy is the undying love for Trump. I remember scoffing when Trump said, [pp] “I could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and my people would still support me.”

To Trump I say, “Start shooting, Mr. President!”

Can you imagine what the elite feel, as Trump “trumps” and thumps them at every turn. They truly are at their wits end, as they throw everything at him. The comments are too funny.

Trump just said something that would make most Republicans quit!

Surely this guffaw will make Trump drop out!

And yet Trump hangs in there like a hair on a wool jacket.

The Left are befuddled, and I so enjoy watching them.

Democrat blowhard Bob Beckel said Trump would quit before the debate on Sunday. I hope Beckel didn’t bet his meds on that one.

Rachel Maddow was giddy about the tapes, and predicted the demise of Trump by debate time.

“Why won’t Trump followers leave him?!”, the wretched Left ponder.

Then there are the polls. Those magical manipulated numbers that the Left like so much, yet again, Trump confounds them.

If this were a fair fight, Trump would be up by 20 points over Sellout Sanders, and Hillary Clinton would be fitted for her orange jumpsuit. But life is not fair, when you deal with Leftists.

So why won’t many of us leave Trump?

Like millions of Americans who will elect America’s first BILLIONAIRE as POTUS, I’ve tired of politics as usual. I’m so ready for a businessman to lead this country. I’m excited to watch as political leeches watch us pull the clothes off Barack Obama and prove he has no balls.

The guy who spends $500 million annually of taxpayer money on PR to say how great he is will soon find his gravy train has biscuit wheels.

Along with electing Trump however, my plan is in underway to change politics forever. We must be immune to the blood-sucking politicians forevermore.

Join me at Tea Party Community (I will explain why we keep Tea Party in our name). We are the next big deal.



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