Is It Racist To Laugh at this Black Woman Traveler

I’m surprised this black woman traveler was able to get on a plane, given the racist airline industry requiring valid ID. Nevertheless, she made it.

As you can see in the video, the black woman traveler is not a seasoned traveler, and was likely too scared to consult with white people for help.

As a consequence, this woman finds herself going the wrong way on the conveyor. What a metaphor for the state of black Liberals willing to vote for crooked Hillary Clinton. I fully expect to see “I’m with Her” plastered in the background here, as the metaphor could not be more fitting.

Further, I hope this woman will find her a white travel companion to show her the ropes. The good news is that she obviously was able to secure an ID, and is free to travel around America. Perhaps she can even open a bank account or buy liquor, or get a driver’s license.

Who knows, with any luck, she can use that ID to get on government programs!


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