Racist Man-Hating Leftist Strike Again

Justice Clarence Thomas is a hero, and not just to blacks. So why is he not in the National Museum of African American History and Culture?

I had the honor of meeting Justice Thomas, and that meeting goes down as one of the greatest events of my life. I spent two hours in Justice Thomas’ chambers, and we yucked it up like we’d known each other all our lives. What an amazing man, and a thrill for me to meet such an accomplished man. To learn about his life and how difficult it was in many respects was eye-opening to say the least.

With the little knowledge I learned of Justice Thomas, I can’t imagine how he wouldn’t be part of the ceremony, and an integral part of the museum itself. However, according to the Daily Caller,

Justice Clarence Thomas, the second black man to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, is practically absent from the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Anita Hill, the woman who accused Thomas of sexual harassment, however, is given prominent billing in the museum.

The new Smithsonian, which opened in September, gives Hill pride of place in an exhibit on blacks in the 1990s. The exhibit features testimonies trumpeting her courage and the surge of women’s activism that ensued, while making only peripheral reference to the nation’s second black Supreme Court justice.

There is no showcase of Thomas’s own life and career, which ran its own harsh gauntlet of racial discrimination.

None of the Anita Hill allegations were proven about Justice Thomas, and frankly I believe his side of the story. While I visited with him the story broke that he was considering retirement. When I brought this up, he laughed heartily, and said he had never discussed such a thing, not even with his wife.

Justice Thomas then warned me,

“Kevin, don’t believe the media. They lie. Believe nothing they promote.”

The Left has established the false narrative of Justice Thomas. Contrast how they treat a bona fide womanizer and serial rapist like Bill Clinton, and it’s easy to spot the double-standard.

Thankfully, I can assure Americans that Justice Thomas doesn’t care one iota about the omission from the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I won’t speak for him, but he likely believes as I do, that there is no such thing as an African America, first of all.

Furthermore, the honor for black Conservatives may be to NOT be part of this revisionist museum that honors victims and scoundrels.

For those wondering, I never expect to be in that museum either. But then again, I’m just an ordinary American who happens to be black.


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