Paul Ryan: Pathetic Attempt To Sabotage Trump

Clueless Paul Ryan chose to distance himself from Donald Trump. He refused to stand by the Republican nominee for President after the lewd tape incident.

Clearly, Paul Ryan has made a pathetic attempt to sabotage Trump.

An article in Reuters states,

“In a conference call with congressional Republicans, Ryan all but conceded that Democrat Hillary Clinton was likely to win the White House on Nov. 8 and said he would put his full energy into preserving Republican majorities in Congress so as not to give her a “blank check.”

What does Ryan think he and his fake establishment Republicans have been doing for the past several years? Handing over blank checks.

What exactly happened during the Omnibus Bill last year or the current Continuing Resolution Bill? Don’t bother to answer.

Furthermore, Obama and the Democrats got all they wanted from the Republicans, and Obama didn’t even bother to leave a few dollars on the dresser. Nevertheless, the establishment Republicans wants us to think that they exist to fight the Left?

The Republican Congress, with the rare exception has played the part of a battered wife. Actually the better description might be cuckold husbands. Dems abuse them, but the Republicans will never leave them.

A Trump win means loss of power for the establishment. This is the same dilemma the Republicans have with the Tea Party Community.

Paul Ryan is undoubtedly more concerned about keeping the status quo and his power, than he is about the survival of this country.

America and all she stands for hangs in the balance. The average American knows we are in the midst of historical times. Moreover we will see either the rise of Socialism/Marxism or an amazing rescue from the most certain death of our Constitution.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the like appear blind to the precarious situation in which they have placed this country. Further, they feign ignorance to the desires and cries of the American patriots, as we show them the path.

The movement supports Trump. No one in the media, pundits, Hollywood, or elitists from the college and university campuses want to recognize this fact.

The movement was built on the back of the Tea Party Community. Grass roots for sure, the movement consists of small business owners, bikers, blue collar works, military personnel, and the successful people who work hard for what they have and appreciate the freedom.

All these people and others like them who have been kicked and pushed around by this government for years because of their achievement, their religion, and yes…even their skin color finally have a voice after being silenced and forced to marinate in a political correct country.

These Deplorable people have watched the decline of a nation due to the compromised leadership in Washington. Congressmen who went to change the country for the better instead have sold their souls to the devil for the elixir of power.

As my good friend, Don Brown, relays the story of Churchill and one of the first female members of Parliament, Conservative Lady Astor. She apparently accused Churchill of being disgustingly drunk. The Prime Minister responded:

‘My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.’

Tomorrow, Paul Ryan will still be disgustingly weak.

The one thing Ryan will eventually appreciate is the power of the movement behind Trump. The movement will stop at the presidency.

And once Trump is in office, Ryan will have to deal with the juggernaut that is Trump and the movement that supports him. Put another way: we will turn our sights on Ryan.

Here is a list of the good guys:

Gohmert R-Tx, Babin R-Tx, Perry R-Pa, Barletta R-Pa, Franks R-Az, Brat R-Va and a few others. If you know of any more please post in comments section.

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