Obama Legacy: Thriving Black Market Crime (video)

The Era of Obama has given American a thriving black market. Though rarely discussed, the criminal element does fabulous when the economy is down.

And make no mistake about it, the economy suffers mightily. Though Obama pays dearly for PR to cover up his incompetence, the truth is that America has a bad regular economy and a thriving black market economy.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest black market crimes involves hair. Yes, there is BIG money in hair.

During the Ferguson riots, beauty shops were targeted for their hair. Google “hair theft” and you will be surprised with what you find. 1st Choice Virgin Hair Store knows all too well what I’m discussing, as the video shows.

The owner of 1st Choice Virgin Hair Store showed two female customers her collection of hair extensions. The girls then separated.

While one continues to ask questions of the owner as a distraction, the other tried to steal some of her goods.

The owner commented,

Once I showed them the hair I put the hair behind me and the other girl I guess she wanted to distract me, so she asked me to come down to the other side of the store. While I was down there the other girl jumped over the counter to snatch the bundles of hair and I see her so I immediately ran, grabbed my gun, jumped over the counter, and the one who grabbed the hair she got away but her accomplice I stopped in progress. And I told her if she didn’t get down I would shoot her.

There goes that pesky 2nd Amendment saving the greedy capitalist from helping out a woman obviously in need of a weave.

The store owner, who didn’t want to be identified, maintained the 20-year-old accomplice, Ariel Goodwin, at gunpoint, until Police arrived. The police arrested the girl, however they have yet to find her accomplice who absconded with $1,300 worth of hair extensions.

The store owner says she will not tolerate thieves.

“We’ve had it happen before and I had to do the same thing, hold people at gunpoint until police come…I’m here to protect myself and my customers, the ones here for the right purpose. But at the same time I work too hard to have people come and steal from me when all they have to do is go to work.”




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