Tim Kaine Killed Hillary Clinton in VP Debate

Liberals are annoying, as most have the intellect of a three-year old. If you watched the VP debate, you witnessed exactly that.

Where do the Democrats find these morons. Tim Kaine is less presidential than Joe Biden, and he showcased his lunacy at the VP debate.

Even Chris Matthews gave the debate to Mike Pence, as he said in this video.

Pence didn’t have to knock it out of the park in this VP debate to win. All he needed to do was sit quietly, as “kibbles and bits” Kaine worked his magic.

Kaine was little more than Hillary Clinton talking points, and I swear at one point I saw Hillary Clinton’s arm appear up the guy’s ass.

When Kaine wasn’t spewing tired talking points, he tried his hand at stupid one-liners that left him open for more ridicule than anything.

Only the most die-hard Liberal could want Kaine to be the #2, and we all know whoever is #2 for Hillary “Feeble” Clinton WILL become president shortly thereafter.

Kaine did KKKillary Clinton no favors in this debate. I can’t imagine those on the fence watching this, and saying, “I’d like to see THIS guy as president!”

On the other hand, there are people who would say that of Pence. He showed that he is not a parrot of Trump, and he certainly looked more professional, centered, and presidential than Kaine.

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