Tim Kaine’s Rally in Sarasota Canceled Due to No Audience

We chronicled the last Tim Kaine fiasco, where the audience resembled an Off Off Off Broadway production. Non-existent. If you could watch Kaine or [insert anything else], you would do [insert anything else].

The Democrats took dramatic action to insure that prying eyes didn’t see the joke of a rally that was to happen. They actually canceled the Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine’s rally in Sarasota that was set for this Friday. And they did it with only two days’ notice.

Kaine was to speak at the Municipal Auditorium Friday night, however the campaign pulled the plug on the event Wednesday. Truth be told, neither Kandy Kaine or Crooked Clinton can draw a crowd that outnumbers Clinton’s protection detail and medical staff.

How embarrassing to have to cancel a campaign event two days before the event.  You can bet that if Donald Trump’s campaign canceled an event two days before (not caused by Democrats thugs), there would be huge media laugh-a-palooza.

In the case of the Kaine event, there will be no hoopla. Ironically, had the Clinton campaign held the event, there still would have been no hoopla.

As for the explanation from the campaign, there hasn’t been one. Sarasota County Democratic Party Chair Christine Jennings said she was informed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team late Wednesday that Kaine could no longer make it.

Really? Where could he possibly be? Did he find a prettier date?

I can see canceling with a month or so notice, however we are talking two days. Venues cost money, and lots of time and energy go into these events.

Then there are the dozen or so people who wanted to see Tim Kaine whine about Russia. How will they fill their empty and meaningless lives?

The campaign won’t admit it, but nobody wants to see Tim Kaine or Hillary Clinton, or any other Leftist stooge they could have booked. This event was so pathetic that no Hollyweirdo even wanted to bail them out. Where’s Katy Perry when they need her? I guess she was kissing a girl and liking it?

The Democrats are full of excuses about the lack of enthusiasm with their base. They say they want “intimate” crowds, when they are just avoiding embarrassment. This venue wasn’t big. Even if it were, they would put up curtains to make it look smaller. I repeat: this event was canceled, because nobody gives a crap about Kaine.

For the die-hard bonehead Clinton supporters, know that things would have been no different had Clinton herself shown up.

The woman is universally despised, and except for fat cats who want favors and are willing to pay to play, Clinton has to pay people to listen to her drivel.

Don’t believe me, believe the numbers. Trump has drawn exponentially more people than Clinton.

I’d like to see Trump book a “flash” event in the very same location, just to show the Democrats his ability to fill that venue on short notice. I bet if I even FAKED that Trump was coming to that venue, I could have people standing in lines.

As for Kaine, let’s hope he’s in good health, and can make the next event. I suggest he get a backup plan for when he’s not VP. Perhaps he can babysit Hillary Clinton’s grandchildren. Chelsea will need a surrogates, as Grandma will likely be in prison.



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