One Trump Debate Guest Is REALLY Bad for Hillary Clinton

Trump is a showman along the lines of PT Barnum. He can pack the house and he will entertain. This debate will prove that point yet again, as Trump has again done something to get inside the head of Hillary Clinton.

In the last debate where Trump had Bill Clinton’s three accusers, and the girl who was raped one by a man, then by Hillary, Trump threw everybody off, including the media. This time he’s bringing Barack Obama’s brother, Malik. And there’s an even more potent debate guest, but I will get to him in a moment.

As for Malik Obama, he represents neglect. Hillary Clinton wants to be Obama 3.0, and Malik showcases the neglect that Obama shows for family. Malik acts as a reminder to black people of exactly what they have gotten from “the brother.” High unemployment, high crime neighborhoods, bad schools, high dropout rates in high school, fewer businesses, less home ownership, and a multitude of other problems rarely discussed in media.

Moveover, there is the subtle message of tolerance by Trump, given that Malik Obama is a Muslim.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, there is a bigger debate guest bombshell. Donald Trump will bring a ghost from Bill Clinton’s past who has become a thorn in the wannabe president Hillary Clinton’s side. This guest is toxic to the Clinton campaign, and they have managed to keep a lid on the story for decades. Not anymore.

Rumors have surfaced about Bill Clinton having a black child, Danney Williams. Pretty much everybody in Arkansas knows that Danney Williams is the love-child between Bill Clinton and a prostitute.

Danney Williams showcases how tidy the Clinton’s want their lives, and their neglect of one of their children. He represents the callous nature of Hillary Clinton, a woman unwilling to embrace her black stepson.

Next, Danney Williams represents the difference in how the Clintons treat those they accept, and those they neglect. Look at his life versus that of Chelsea. As Danney Williams struggled for just recognition, Chelsea lived the life of a white princess.

In the end, Danney Williams represents a bad night for Hillary Clinton. He will be impossible to keep out of her head. And you can bet Trump will bring this kid up.

Danney Williams will gain national attention, and rightfully so. This young man is about to have his story told, and it won’t look good for Hillary Clinton, the racist. Hillary Clinton won’t get any style points in the black community, when Danney Williams tells how she kept him from his father.

And you can bet they will try to destroy him. But as a child who grew up without his father, I can tell you they won’t succeed. Danney Williams is hard as nails. He wants to know his father, and to have his father admit who he is.

That’s about to happen, at least in the eyes of Americans.



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