BREAKING: Trump Dumped More State GOP

Recently we heard that Trump dumped the OH GOP operation, understanding that Kasich and team were doing him no favors.

What is the situation with other state GOP operations?

Breitbart reported,

Trump’s Ohio campaign chief Bob Paduchik wrote a letter to the state party on Trump-Pence stationery cutting off all ties with Borges and accusing him of trying to get elected chairman of the Republican National Committee while sandbagging Trump.

Apparently Ohio is not the only state “sandbagging” the Trump campaign.

We have good information that Trump dumped more than Ohio, as my team has learned that Trump will be dropping GOP support in VA and PA, as well. So expect to hear more about this story, this week. We will update this, when we are able to verify the information.

If this happens, the Left will see this as “disarray,” and that will be the spin. However this would be good business. A sign that Trump recognizes there is a traitor in the ranks, and it is the Republican Party.

The unfortunate truth is the GOP in some cases connives to help the Democrats. Yes, there those in the GOP who would cut off their noses to spite their faces. Like Trump, we the people have already come to the realization that the GOP has been fighting against us. They fear us, and fear losing their power. Memo to the GOP: your power is gone.

The GOP puts on a stoic face; they pretend to be winning. However all around them, the walls crumble.

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What Trump has done is because of all of us. But there is more to do, and not the way of the old Tea Party movement. Come see what we are about to do to the Left!

It’s time we stopped depending ANY politician, particularly people like John Kasich or Paul Ryan.

I often ask the question, “If the Republicans can’t keep the black vote after freeing the slaves, then how can they possibly represent you.” Republican politicians are the worse representatives in the world.

They can’t convince people to close borders, or that NOT having voter ID is a crime against the American citizen. For God sakes, the Republicans have given the biggest crook in political history, Hillary Clinton, a chance to be president.



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