Trump Exposes Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation is a political scam. The Clinton Foundation has done nothing, repeat nothing to help mankind, unless helping mankind means making the Clintons filthy rich.

The Clintons and their supporters have used the Clinton Foundation as a crutch to prop up the crooked Clinton, so they appear to be philanthropic. But the organization is merely a money-laundering shell game, that offers humanity nothing. Trump exposes this.

Because Trump knows philanthropy. While Hillary Clinton questions Trump’s taxes, the Clintons knowingly dodge paying theirs.

What I’ve learned is those who really help, do so when help is needed, and you can see the results. Like what Donald Trump did to help this little girl.

This is the way America helps. One person at a time, and not for political gain. When Trump helped this girl, he had no aspirations of higher office. He saw a child in need and he responded.

And today Trump faces a media and governmental assault…for being one of the good guys?

Sure, because the narrative is that the crooked Clintons are the most philanthropic people on the planet.

Yet you can’t find ONE person truly helped by the Clintons. Those who say the Clintons contribute to mankind, use broad strokes. They talk of AIDS medicine and clean water, as if the Clintons have a lab, or know the first thing about water purification.

The Clinton supporters broad stroke the Clinton’s supposed help to mankind, but again can’t point to a single life helped by the Clintons that couldn’t have been helped by an existing organization. Ask Haitians what they think of the crooked Clintons, and you get all the info you need.

Trump exposes the Clinton with his mostly quiet philanthropy. He helps people one at a time, and occasionally with big events. He’s not looking for notoriety; he has that. He genuinely wants to help.

If I were Donald Trump, I’d ask Hillary Clinton one question in the debate: What help can America expect, when your help to humanity with your non-profit organization made your net worth $250 MILLION dollars?

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