Trump’s Small Dollar Contributions

Trump raises $100 million in September, and mostly from small dollar contributions. Hillary Clinton raised more, but would gladly trade places with Trump.

While the mainstream media and establishment political insiders are writing Trump’s epitaph, mainstream Americans have sent an historic amount of small dollar contributions to the Trump campaign in September.

According to a statement released Saturday, Trump’s campaign raised $100 million in September, marking “historic totals.” Politico reported,

The haul, which includes contributions to TMAGA and Trump Victory, Trump’s joint fundraising ventures with the Republican National Committee, is a $10 million increase from August. Trump’s total, however, trails that of Hillary Clinton, who raised more than $154 million in September.


In addition, 2.6 million people have contributed to the campaign since it started, the statement said.

The Clinton campaign raises most of its money from Wall Street, foreign governments, and crony capitalists, but the spin is in.

Because it’s important for the Clinton machine to make people believe that it has grassroots support, they will tell you that they get their money from hardworking (welfare recipients) donors. However this is not the case.

Nevertheless, here is how Politico reports it.

Much of the fundraising strength was, for the first time, on the backs of small donors, with whom Clinton fared much better as she clinched the Democratic nomination. Fully 58 percent of the July haul came in checks of less than $200, compared with just 31 percent across the cycle.

About $12.8 million of the small-dollar contributions came through the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee with the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

So back to Hillary Clinton out-fundraising Trump. So what? That’s the narrative, the they’re sticking to it. However, keep in mind, only a short time earlier, Politico had this to say of Trump’s September fundraising efforts.

If Trump’s post-debate fundraising haul is anywhere near $18 million, it would be a major boost for a campaign that has lagged behind that of Hillary Clinton in fundraising and advertising. (In fact, Trump’s campaign has said it plans to spend the cash infusion on a planned $140 million ad buy.) And it would stand as the biggest single-day fundraising haul, by far, of Trump’s campaign, though it’s not possible to track such tallies precisely.

But it’s become an increasing political tactic to embellish selective details about fundraising — especially small-donor fundraising — to enhance the appearance of grass-roots momentum at critical moments of a campaign. Clinton used the tacticduring her unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign and again after her party’s nominating convention in July. Her campaign boasted that in the 24 hours after she accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, it raised $8.7 million — which at the time stood among the biggest single-day fundraising tallies.

So over 2,600,000 Americans have stepped up to contribute to Trump. Hillary Clinton has sold the hopes of the presidency to Hollywood celebrities, Middle Eastern interests, Wall Street, corporate banks, and labor unions.

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