Trump’s Not So Subtle Shot at Hillary Clinton’s Ethics

Trump may be finally getting what it takes to fight the power. He’s shifting into presidential mode and focusing on what matters to Americans most: Clinton’s ethics, actually the lack thereof.

In a recent poll, over 60 percent of Americans said corruption in government is their number one concern. This was followed by acts of terror being number two and by over 20 points.

Trump may have an image problem created by the Left, but compared to Clinton, his ethics are cleaner than a preacher’s sheets.

In rolling out his new ethics reform proposal at a rally of over 2,000 supporters, Trump had this to say:

“If we let the Clinton Cartel run this government, history will record that 2017 was the year America lost its independence. We will not let that happen…It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. That is why I am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again.”

Trump detailed five ethics reform proposals, that he would like Congress to consider and enact, when he becomes president:

I am going to re-institute a 5-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for 5 years after they leave government service. I am going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive order.

I am going to ask Congress to institute its own 5-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.

I am going to expand the definition of lobbyist so we close all the loopholes that former government officials use by labeling themselves consultants and advisors when we all know they are lobbyists.

I am going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

I am going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections.

Finally, in a shot across the bow, Trump also called for the resignation of Under-Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy. This was in the wake of new that Kennedy was involved in a quid pro quo conversation with the FBI regarding the classification of Clinton’s emails.

Trump wants it clear that he plans to clean up government. This is exactly what America has been asking for, and thankfully we are about to get it. The fact is nobody in America believes Hillary Clinton. She is untrustworthy, and America would turn to anarchy as its government, if Clinton were elected. She won’t be.

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