Trump’s Pre-Emptive Strike on Election Rigging

The Left fear the wrath of the revolution that Donald Trump has unleashed. They wished for Trump; and as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Trump has threatened what Liberals fear; somebody willing to go the extra mile to fight for freedom. Trump says he will sue if he believes election rigging occurred.

As Politico points out, the Left fear what will happen if Trump loses.

No one knows how to handle what might be about to hit on Nov. 9.

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to lose on Nov. 8, refuse to concede the election, and teeter the country into an unprecedented crisis of faith in government. Republicans and Democrats, in Washington and beyond, fear that the aftermath of the 2016 election will create a festering infection in the already deep and lasting wound that the campaign is leaving on America.

When the fix is in, you don’t have to consider the other side. With all the concern about an unhinged Trump, notice the Left don’t look at the possibility of what Hillary Clinton will do if she loses. Would she just grin and bear it?

The Left has nothing to worry about, because the rampant voter fraud doesn’t occur on the Right. It occurs on the Left.

Trump knows this, which is why he has put the Leftist on notice.

The fix, according to the article?

And, they say, only Republican leaders who speak up will have any chance of stopping it.

The Republicans who hate Trump will stop Trump from suing? Fat chance.

The article goes on the set the stage for who’s to blame for this potential mess that will be created from their election rigging.

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their top aides, along with leaders on Capitol Hill, worry about the preview Trump is providing in this final month, part kamikaze mission to take down Clinton, part temper tantrum by a man who has never been embarrassed on either this scale or spotlight.

Yet again, the Left imply that Trump is out of control. By their standards he is a Kamikaze, since he simply will not go away. So we are clear, Trump’s attempt to defeat a lying skank by all means necessary is considered kamikaze, but Hillary Clinton’s tactics are what?

Then there is good news for Conservatives. Though we have never burned down a city or shot cops, apparently the Left fear our response.

They worry about how his egged-on followers might respond, and the violence – perhaps against Muslims, Latinos or any of the many other groups he has targeted in his campaign rhetoric — that might follow.

“People do dangerous things when dangerous leaders foment deep resentment,” said Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.).

The Left have a right to be worried. For the first time in many years, the Conservative movement understands what’s at stake. We will not take election rigging lying down.


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