What Do Hillary Clinton and 38th Degree Black Belt Have in Common (video)

Meet a 38th degree black belt. Oh, then watch him get his ass kicked.

Martial artists respect the art, so you’d think a “38th degree black belt” would know this. Antagonizing people for no reason is not something most martial artists do.

The “black belt” in this video is likely medicated in one form or another. Yet he continually talks crap. So what women and children hear his profanity-laced rant, as he threatens to unleash his martial arts skills.

”I’ll break your motherf****ng neck! I’m a paramedic…and a 38 degree black belt in Taekwondo!” the man yells, before grabbing items off the counter exiting the store.

Even when the blowhard finally leaves the store, he takes a pot shot at the guy holding the door, a guy who has been extremely tolerant up to that time.

The store worker returns, however the “black belt” still hasn’t had enough. He circle back through the “in” door to deliver more threats…more talk.

For the store employee, the time for talk had ended.

The rest is history.

As for Hillary Clinton, she’s a 38th degree black belt. All talk. And Trump is holding the door for her.

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