Public Transportation: Woman Strips on Baltimore Bus

Bus riders in Baltimore were treated to a shocking spectacle when a fellow passenger, a woman strips during a commute.

The exhibitionist’s display was captured by local commuter Christopher Fisher. Fisher was so impressed as the woman strips, he shared the six-minute recording on his Facebook page.

In the video the woman wears a T-shirt and knee socks. Who knows the reason for the raunchy display, but does it really matter? Nobody should strip on a bus.

It’s not possible to see all the passengers, but were there children present? Does the city of Baltimore know their taxpayer-funded buses have become party buses?

Note how other passengers laugh as the woman boldly struts up and down the aisle on the bus. Some passengers seem to encourage the behavior. Why not? In the day of instant media, the woman was good for lots of clicks. And in today’s culture, Hollyweird might come calling the next time they are looking for a new skank in a reality show.

Much of what is said by the obviously amateur stripper is unintelligible. It appears at one point that she tells someone:

“Give me my mother****ing money.”

Perhaps it was that person who dared her to strip on the first place.

Next, the woman removes her shirt, which left her standing in a striped pink-and-blue bra, her hand planted confidently on her hip. Mic drop!

Four minutes into the video, the woman returns her panties to their rightful anatomy. Then, a few minutes later, she collects her belongings and calmly saunters towards the exit. Show over.

Unfortunately, the mystery woman at the center of this x-rated stunt has not been identified.

Liberals talk of going green. They brag of public transportation. But they don’t want to tell you what to expect when you ride the bus or the subway. Moreover, Limousine Liberals wouldn’t be caught dead on public transportation. But they certainly want you to see the freak show.

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