The Race War Could Cost Obama and Team $2 Billion

Apparently the compensation to victims of Obama’s race war is $2 billion. That’s the price tag according to former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Larry Klayman.

Klayman filed a class-action lawsuit seeking damages of more than $2 billion dollars. The payment is to compensate people hurt when Obama, et al incited a race war that led to the Dallas police officer deaths.

Klayman founded the government watchdog groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. Judicial Watch currently has more than 20 active lawsuits involving Hillary Clinton.

Along with Hillary Clinton, Klayman lists Barack Obama, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party, Former Atty General Eric Holder, George Soros, and others as defendants in the lawsuit.

Klayman explains in a Fox News interview with Deidre Bolton,

“That amount of damage is for everybody who’s been harmed here. It’s law enforcement across the board—whether it’s black, white or whatever color, race or creed—police have been trashed, law enforcement trashed… it’s a severe crisis. This President would like to think that he’s king, but he’s no Martin Luther King. In fact, he’s closer to Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton in terms of the way he does things.”

He added: “[The lawsuit] is about racial equality, it’s not about prejudice. Meaning everybody should be treated equally.”

Klayman said the most egregious example is President Obama not representing all of the American people.

“He only has a problem if there’s crime against blacks or crime is against Muslims or black Muslims for that matter,” Klayman said. “But he doesn’t represent the rest of the country and the people are beginning to see that.”

To the wealthy backers of these riots, the price of an attempted coup might be peanuts. Nevertheless, the lawsuit sends a sign that people will no longer tolerate subversive criminal behavior.

Klayman explained that the suit was in response to the anti-police movement that is sweeping across the country. Further, Klayman spoke with  host J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV’s “America Talks Live to explain that money may be the solution:

“We’re seeking to have the court order it to stop, and we’re seeking large damages, much like people talk about bombing the oil wells of ISIS to cut off the financial flow…If we cut off the financial flow of money to these groups, who are starting a race war for their own political purposes to destroy this country and build it back in their socialist and atheist and other image, then we can stop this.”

Klayman’s lawsuit has some Leftists scared. Far left blogger like “Wonkette” titled a piece: “Wingnut Superlawyer Larry Klayman Sues All The Black People, For Being Scary And Mean.”

Nice try. Klayman knows the law and he has the law on his side. Believe it or not, it’s actually against the law to incite a riot.

Time will tell if Klayman gets paid. At least he has the guts to challenge the status quo.


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