3 NBA Teams Boycott Trump Hotels

Mark Cuban proved that he has no political juice. Trump publicly sodomized Cuban, and Cuban proved to be little more than Hillary Clinton’s bitch.

One guess as to who leads the current NBA mutiny against Trump properties?

According to Jammie,

It looks like three NBA teams — and maybe more — want nothing to do with property branded by Donald Trump.

The Bucks, Grizzlies and Mavericks have decided to stop staying at Trump hotels on road trips to New York City and Chicago in an effort to disassociate themselves from the controversial President-elect, according to an ESPN.com report.

Ask yourself why this move comes now. When the NBA signed the agreement to stay at Trump properties, Trump is the very same man he was then. The only difference is that the disingenuous and politically correct NBA wants to create another Sterling scenario.

It could have something to do with the fact that Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban were both outspoken Hillary Clinton supporters during the run-up to the election. In other words, these two Princesses got their feeling hurt when Hillary got her buttock soiled, after Donald Trump wiped the floor with her.

Then there is the media narrative

The claim has been levied that Trump is a racist. Despite no evidence to support this lunacy–not even an illegal recording from a half-black/half-Hispanic girlfriend–like Donald Sterling, Trump shares the name of that other so-called NBA racist. Guilt by namesake, I suspect.

The article continues,

One other Eastern Conference team, which ESPN has kept anonymous, also reportedly will abandon Trump SoHo hotel in favor of a different hotel in Manhattan when its contract expires at the end of the season.

Another “protest” move by spoiled millionaires.

If you’re like me, you really want President-Elect Trump to get his comeuppance. I hope the Lord guides him, and he truly does “Make America Great Again.” I want him to have crow on reserve for all these lying Leftist a-holes, who would accuse him of being racist.

I hope that corporate America responds and these prima donnas end up staying at Days Inn.

According to ESPN.com, an additional seven teams are under contract to stay at the President-Elect’s properties when they travel to play the Bulls, Knicks and Nets. Personally, I can’t imagine staying anywhere nicer.

What a childish act by the NBA. Yet again a formerly revered sports business has been sullied by a couple of petulant owners.

As with the NFL and Kaepernick, this stunt too will eventually backfire. And you know President-Elect Trump won’t forget it.


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