Analysis of Terror: Obama’s Killer Refugees

Barack Obama loves his killer refugees. And so does his protege, Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama has singlehandedly caused an increase in terrorist deaths in America. His refugee policy can only be described as epidemic, particularly when compared to previous presidents. Simply put: Obama is responsible for almost all the killer refugees in America.

According to The Daily Mail,

A total of 62 people – overwhelmingly men – have launched attacks or been accused of taking part in the Islamic terror group’s activities in just over a year.

The 62 were responsible for 48 attacks or alleged ISIS-inspired activities – from mass stabbings to attempts to send money and munitions to Syria.

The analysis of public records shows that six ISIS-inspired attackers have died and 54 have been arrested.

The figures also show that 34 of those ISIS attackers and alleged plotters were either immigrants or the children of immigrants.

They included six people who came to the U.S. as refugees from countries including Palestine and Somalia.

Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded scores more in his attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando

The number of people taken in as refugees and then accused of turning against the country which gave them sanctuary could be higher, as it was not possible to ascertain exactly how many of the alleged ISIS attackers or plotters entered America.

In total 64 people have been murdered and at least 121 wounded in the U.S. by ISIS-inspired attackers.

They included the 49 dead and 53 wounded of the Orlando nightclub attacks, as well as the 14 killed and 22 hurt by the San Bernardino shooters.

Obama has brought in hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists. Then Hillary Clinton openly, blatantly tells the American public that she will bring more.

It’s seems to be a game between these two of who can bring in more killers to menace taxpaying American citizens.

Now Obama wants to change the designation for Northern Africans and Middle Easterners, so they too can get special privileges. We cannot allow this to happen.

This will simply be an excuse to point to Muslims as an oppressed group, thus allowing them to have more undeserved privileges that average Americans don’t get.

Moreover, policies like this are the reason America is flooded with killer refugees.


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