Chelsea Clinton Hints at Future for Clintons

Hillary Clinton crawled from under one of her multi-million dollar rocks to make a post-election appearance. Yep, six more weeks of Winter.

Regardless of what’s in store for us, it was Hillary who look “rode hard and put up wet,” as they say in the country.

Geez, did Hillary forget to keep the payments current on the Botox? Is she going to Bernie Sanders’ former stylist? What’s with the hair, Girlfriend?

Perhaps the new public Hillary Clinton showcases her duality? Remember we learned from Hillary that she has a public side that differs very much from her private side. It seems Hillary may have mixed up the two.

Which may explain Chelsea’s not so cryptic tweet.

She suddenly seems interested in games to help people with dementia. One follower quickly asked,

“Is that what you’re getting @Hillary for Christmas?”

The loss to Trump likely did Hillary Clinton a favor. She can drop the facade and get the help she needs. I’m not talking about the cure for her Liberalism, as that’s progressed too far, pun intended. However Hillary can continue her battle with dementia (or dehydration, as they called it).

Members of our staff stated that Hillary Clinton needed to drop the dogged pursuit of “history,” and focus her remaining time with her family.

Given the investigations still underway surrounding her foundation, one would think Hillary, et al would be working on that bucket list. Jan 20, 2017 looms large in the window, and the new white Attorney General will not likely be as friendly as the two black ones.

As FOX News reported,

At least four congressional investigations into Hillary Clinton’s personal email use and mishandling of classified information are expected to go forward even after the former secretary of state’s election loss last week, Republican lawmakers tell Fox News.

The probes, which cover allegations that Clinton lied to Congress about her email practices in October 2015 and that government records were destroyed, are ongoing and not dependent on the election’s outcome, two senior Republican senators said.

“I still don’t have the information I need,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, told Fox News. Johnson said the work of his committee, with jurisdiction over government records and the mishandling of classified information, would be careful not to disrupt President-elect Donald Trump’s priorities.

These scandals won’t be good for Hillary’s health. And they will be even worse for her so-called legacy.

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