Black Friday Vandals Destroy NIKE Store

This NIKE store looks like they held Obama’s inauguration in it. Remember those pictures of trash everywhere?!

One thing is certain: the people who trashed this store likely voted for Obama.

This vandalism occurred in the 3rd most liberal city in the US. In Seattle, one of the hotbeds of Liberalism, you can see how they treat capitalists. It appears the workers at this store will earn that $15 per hour “livable wage.”
As ABC Action News reports,

“A Nike outlet store near Seattle, Washington offered some of the most astonishing images from Black Friday 2016 as shoppers left hundreds of opened shoe boxes strewn across the floor.

Is vandalizing the new shopping? Aspiring thugs would like to know.

Update: Looting remains the preferred shopping of Liberal thugs.

As for the NIKE store, one store staffer posted on Twitter about how the store was left in complete disarray.

In response, a condescending Leftist coldly tweeted.

” …that’s the reason they employ you…You expect to go to work and do nothing?”

How nice the Liberals are in Washington state. They want workers to work, and don’t give them the easy way out.

Another tweeter who actually possesses common courtesy chastised the mean-spirited tweeter.

“The least you could not add to the extra work they do bitch.”

The first tweeter responds using the race card:

“Which is what, standing in the aisle with a sour scowl on their face ready to trail black customers?” 

Pretty much sums up the Leftist attitude polluting the shopping experience. And it answers the question of why retail workers are rude at times. Liberals!

It seems Buzzfeed attempted to downplay the activities:

“More than 20,000 people visited the Nike factory store at the Seattle Premium outlets in Tulalip, Washington on Friday. But while hundreds presumably walked away with a new pair of kicks, many changed their minds after trying a pair on.”

Adding insult to injury, NIKE has been dubbed “The Worst Dow Stock of 2016.”

Maybe the ‘self lacing shoe” to debut on November 28th will boost NIKE’s loser status.



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