Black Man Punished After Helping Teen [Video]

Almost anything that has “public” in the name is fraught with potentially bad outcomes. Public restrooms, public college, and certainly public transportation.

While riding the bus, a young black man witnesses a drunk man in his 30’s harassing a 15-year old girl. The situation escalates when the drunk decides to touch the girl’s leg. The video shows what happens next, and it almost could have been filed under “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Though we don’t have the full video, you can see the young black man loudly stating why he’s detaining the drunk. He doesn’t strike the man, but merely detains him until police arrive.

There were witnesses to the incident, though we don’t know their vantage point to see what the young black man alleged saw. Nevertheless, it is doubtful he would react that way if the incident as describes it hadn’t occurred.

Sadly, as thanks for his heroism he and the drunk were both placed in handcuffs. You can see and hear his disgust with the situation, however he doesn’t over-react. He complies with the officers, knowing that he had done the right thing.

One can only imagine his thoughts about helping the girl from a sexual predator, only to be arrested (for what?) himself. Moreover, what of the girl. If she were your daughter, wouldn’t you like to know men like him exist to help in situations like this?

The good Samaritan deserved a medal, however he was treated like the criminal.

Thankfully, once the police sergeant arrived, he took inventory of the situation. You can hear the young black man explain that he’s a college grad, never been arrested, and so on.

At the end of the video, the man was congratulated by the police. They had a job to do. And though it was an inconvenience, they needed to make sure they had done the right thing.

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