Think Blacks Aren’t Voting Trump? (video)

Think black people aren’t voting for Trump?

The coveted black vote. Watch as this black voter in Cleveland comes out of the closet, on camera to show he voted for Trump.

Apparently the LeBron effect didn’t matter to this black man. He even had the guts to wear his Trump hat.

Trust me when I tell you that he is more normal than people think.

I have a friend from Cleveland, and he said the Clinton campaign begged people leaving the Cavs basketball game to come see LeBron speak. He said even LeBron James couldn’t get the place to capacity.

Further, he said that many black people tweeted after the Jay-Z concert, that they weren’t voting for Clinton, but were happy to get a free concert.

There will be some happy black people later tonight, as well as lots of happy Conservatives!

Disregard the pundits. Currently they are not discussing the black vote, but the Hispanic vote. That tells you all you really need to know.

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