Saudis Prefer to Shoot Women Resistant to Beheading

I will admit that when I saw this story, I thought it was a joke. I will leave you to decide, but the link has been provided.

The punchline appears to be that Saudis prefer to shoot women, rather than to behead them. Apparently women have become more resistant to beheading than men.

According to Emirates 24/7,

Convicted women sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia have been more resistant to beheading than men, prompting authorities to change the execution method to shooting, a well-known Saudi executioner has said.

Abu Bandar Al Bishi, a massive man who has beheaded scores of convicted criminals in public places in the Gulf Kingdom, said most of those brought to the execution area appear to be in “trance” ahead of their death.

Quoted by the Saudi daily Sabq, he denied social media reports that those sentenced to death are drugged just before their execution.

“Those brought for execution are not drugged..there is no medical intervention in their execution…they just appear to be in trance or half dead,” Bishi said.

“As for women, they are more resistant to execution than men…we used to behead them but the verdict has been changed to executing them by shooting.

I struggle with the idea of a “well-known executioner.” Since when is that position something people receive notoriety for, unless you are a gladiator. Executioners don’t get to become “well known.” In fact, most choose to remain in obscurity.

And I love the part of the article where the Saudi denies drugging women, before beheading them.

First, drugs don’t make it more difficult to cut off somebody’s head. So I’m not sure how that fit the context of the story.

Nevertheless, the more ironic issue is how the Saudi official essentially says, “We aren’t making death easy. NO DRUGS!”

I don’t think America’s women care if Saudi women are beheaded or shot in the head. These Muslim women can be beaten or killed for essentially no reason. Meanwhile American women are concerned about a few pennies difference between men’s and women’s salaries.

Just recently there was a story of a woman facing charges for adultery, after she was gang-raped in Dubai.  Dubai is a Muslim country, for those who flunked geography.

A British woman facing jail for extra-marital sex after reporting an alleged gang rape on holiday in Dubai has told of her “nightmare” and said she’s “petrified”.

Zara-Jayne Moisey, 25, told police in the United Arab Emirates she was violently raped by two British men in the city last month.

But instead of being treated as a victim, Zara, from Widnes, who is single after splitting from her husband, was reportedly locked up on suspicion of extra-marital sex and later charged with the offence.

Her passport has been confiscated and she now faces a trial, claim her family and friends.

Her desperate family have now launched an online appeal to raise £25,000 for the legal fees needed to pay for her defence. So far nearly £15,000 has been raised.

Though unemployed, don’t expect Hillary Clinton to advocate for her. And by the way ladies, that type of “justice” looms eerily for women in the United States.




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