Comedian Wanda Sykes Booed on Stage for Attacking Trump

America has allowed Liberals control for quite some time, and they have enjoyed publicly molesting us. The Trump Revolution has changed this.

As Amy Schumer found out pre-election during her “comedy” show, people have tired of Leftists and their sick views. Hollyweirdos and other Leftists likely thought people booing then walking out on Schumer was an anomaly. It wasn’t. People were serious.

In fact, the booing of Schumer was a sign of things to come. Don’t believe me; ask Hillary Clinton.

Post-Trump victory, things have worsened for Liberals. Conservatives have become emboldened. They don’t pay to get comedians’ political views, they just want to laugh.

Wanda Sykes pushed things a bit too far, and she got “Schumered.” According to Breitbart,

Comedian Wanda Sykes confronted a Boston audience Saturday night after she was booed for making disparaging comments about President-elect Donald Trump at a charity stand-up comedy event.

The 52-year-old comedian and actress was about five minutes into her set at the Cam Neely Foundation’s 22nd annual Comics Come Home fundraiser at TD Garden when she was loudly booed for attacking Trump.

Going along with the typical bullsh*t Liberal narrative, Sykes commented

“It’s going to be okay…I am certain this is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president. He ain’t the first one. He’s just the first confirmed one.”

These were meant to be the “jokes!” As you can see, Liberals just aren’t funny. They are so used to the “easy” laugh. When Sykes didn’t get what she expected, she became the typical Liberal.

As the audience jeered, Sykes became butt-hurt, then began to curse at the audience. She then singled out audience members to flip off.

Apparently Sykes is one of Elizabeth Warren’s “nasty girls!” Perhaps; but what I know for sure: Sykes is not funny. Even Google knows it.


Here schtick revolves around her annoying voice, and sarcastic tone.

Her comedy is considered amateurish at best.

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