Is James Comey Getting Fired??

Rumors in DC suggest that senior adviser to Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett has convinced him to fire FBI director James Comey after the election.

So is Comey getting fired?

According to the Daily Mail,

“After persistent prodding by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett to remove James Comey from his job as director of the FBI, President Obama has agreed the time has come to fire America’s top cop.  According to a White House source familiar with Obama’s decision, Jarrett and the president held lengthy discussions over the past several days about the political and legal ramifications of firing the FBI director.

The president was furious with Comey for reopening the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s emails 11 days before the election, then admitting two days before the election that he couldn’t find any cause for taking action against the Democratic nominee.  But the president was reluctant to move against Comey for fear that it would open him to charges of obstruction of justice.”

The Daily Mail has been joined by other news outlets reporting the same story.

This seems like a tortured strategy, given that once fired, Comey would likely talk. What insurance policy would they have that Comey wouldn’t spill the beans?

According to the White House source, the Daily Mail continues,

“Jarrett convinced the president that it was within his power to remove the FBI director for his ill-conceived and erratic interference in the presidential election.  She also argued that there would be bipartisan support in Congress for such a move against Comey, who has alienated both Democrats and Republicans

After the White House legal counsel agreed with Jarrett, Obama ordered his top advisers to draw up a plan for getting rid of the troublesome FBI director.”

All in all Comey has been a good surrogate for Clinton. Sure the timing of the reopening of EmailGate wasn’t great. However, when you consider how many asses Comey covered, the strategy wasn’t half bad.

Hillary Clinton got to claim innocence again, and Comey covered his own buttocks.

Was this calculated to help Hillary Clinton or hurt her, who knows at this point. Nevertheless, Comey finds himself on the hot seat with Obama, a man definitely on the hot seat in a Trump White House.

I’m sure Comey has a pretty good exit strategy, and a “bug out” backpack. Now he just has to figure out how to stay alive.

By the way, if there are rumors that Obama will jettison Comey, you can know for sure that Trump will dump him.


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