Could Hillary Still Win The Presidency? Some say yes

“It Ain’t Over Until The Fat Lady Sings” references valkyrie Brünnhilde from Wagner’s, Der Ring des Nibelungen.

And there are a few Liberals who want to see the corrupt rich fat lady hit the stage once again.

This saying helps CNN explains where the Electoral College count (and popular vote) currently stand:

Trump – 306          46.7% votes:  61,917,320

Clinton – 232        47.9% votes:  63,515,588 and counting

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton does lead Republican nominee by nearly 1.6 million popular votes. However as many Liberals who didn’t pay attention in Civics, the popular votes doesn’t determine the winner of a presidential election.

This lesson had been taught back in 2000, so Liberals had lots of time to try to change things. However in 2008, they got the “Change We Can Believe In,” and all was well in Utopia.

President-Elect Donald Trump has shaken Liberals’ sensibilities with the impossible win.

As RNC Chairman Reince Priebus described on Good Morning America:

“And look what happened on Tuesday. I mean, it was an electoral landslide and the American people agreed that Donald Trump’s vision for America is what this country has been waiting for.”

If at First You Don’t Succeed…They’ll Pay You to Protest!

There are news reports starting to leak out that Liberal activists have begun to lobby Hillary Clinton and the DNC to begin legal challenges against the results of the 2016 Election in at least three states.  This is not wishful thinking from rumor-mongering by George Soros paid millennial career protesters on social media; these are voting rights lawyers and legal experts from the University of Michigan having clandestine conference calls with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the 2016 Campaign Lawyer Marc Elias.  According to The Hill Magazine:

The group found the Democratic nominee got 7% fewer voters in counties in Wisconsin that used electronic-voting machines instead of optical scanners or paper ballots, according to the New York Magazine.

Clinton could have reportedly not received as many as 30,000 votes, which could have cost her the state, the publication reported. Clinton lost Wisconsin by about 27,000 votes. The group claims the pattern should be looked into, though no proof of hacking has been found.

During his campaign election officials scoffed at Trump’s claims of potential election rigging. They noted the country’s use of a decentralized system in which ballots are counted by thousands of Democratic and Republican officials across the country.

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