Crooked Hillary Clinton Dealing Cards from the Bottom of the Deck

Hillary knows how to play her cards, and she has plenty of them.

When the heat was on about her illegal servers, and Clinton was asked about “wiping them clean”, Hillary Clinton pulled out the blonde bimbo card:

“You mean like with a cloth?”

Then came Hillary’s very public 9/11 seizure in New York. Tough-as-nails Hillary reached into her box of magic, and opted for the “iron woman” card versus the sympathy card. Hillary was said to have “powered through”, what was it…dehydration, then pneumonia. She would save the sympathy card for a later day, perhaps when an indictment comes.

You can bet Hillary will suddenly become too ill for prison, if the new Attorney General turns up the oven on her.

After her massive, and immensely embarrassing loss to now President-Elect Trump, Hillary pulled out the “Waldo” card. She disappeared, only to reappear briefly at a fundraiser. No, it wasn’t Halloween.

hc-granNow, Hillary has reappeared from the hiding in the shadows, hiding only behind the irony of playing the “victim” card.

Prior to her crushing defeat by Trump, Hillary hid behind fat clothes, layers of makeup, Botox and shellacked hair. Oh, and that creepy smile from Hell. She was willing to do anything to win, and to no avail.

Supposedly Hillary was too depressed from her defeat to even leave her compound. She was said to have curled up with a book and her dog. Poor dog.

At least she had the Soros-funded riots to give her the occasional smile. But plans were underway to give Hillary a jolt.

Enter Jill Stein. Stein arrives just in time to breath new life into Hillary’s rotting political carcass.

But has Hillary has been scheming since day one of her post-election shellacking to steal the win from Trump. The Gateway Pundit seems to think so:

“Clinton campaign lawyer Marc E. Elias gave the scheme away in an article published Saturday morning at Medium announcing Clinton would join the recount effort in Wisconsin by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and that Clinton would join Stein should she also file for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Elias wrote that starting the day after the election the Clinton campaign worked to find ways to reverse Trump’s election.”

Granny turned ruthless old hag heads back on the trail. Hillary is emboldened.

At first she was content to watch Jill Stein, Clinton content with political voyeurism. Playing second fiddle didn’t last long, as Clinton has now openly joined forces with the Jill Stein vote recount scam.

If you can’t cheat dealing from the front of the deck, then just deal from the bottom.



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