DickiLeaks: Rumors of Sexual Deviancy Haunt the Clintons

Rumors around sexual deviancy with the Clintons swirl as the computer of Anthony Weiner now lies in the hands of the FBI.

We know that Bill Clinton harasses women, fondles them, and occasionally rapes them. Further we speculate based on rumor, innuendo, and the fact that he’s Bill Clinton, that Bill Clinton has more to hide. Possibly so does Hillary Clinton.

No hard evidence exists that people have backed away from the Clintons, as Leftists are great at subterfuge. That said, I sense that indeed the Clintons have been deemed toxic, and their former cronies are running for cover.

True Pundit reports,

New York Police Department detectives and prosecutors working an alleged underage sexting case against former Congressman Anthony Weiner have turned over a newly-found laptop he shared with wife Huma Abedin to the FBI with enough evidence “to put Hillary (Clinton) and her crew away for life,” NYPD sources told True Pundit.

Recently former State Department member, Steve Pieczenik discussed the “counter coup” underway against the Clintons. He offers more to the idea of bringing down the Clintons.

Only the most die-hard Clintonian, (See “brain-dead moron”) would believe the Clintons to be innocent of any of the allegations.

I have described The Clinton Foundation as a racketeering organization that makes the Mafia look like cub scouts. The Clintons use that foundation to launder money at the world level, along with the many other illegal activities.

According to True Pundit, my theories are verified in “DickiLeaks,” as are many other theories.

But new revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

  • Money laundering
  • Child exploitation
  • Sex crimes with minors (children)
  • Perjury
  • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Other felony crimes

The one allegation that would do the most damage is “Sex crimes with minors.”

True Pundit continue,

NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.

“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.

“People are going to prison,” he said.

Let’s see if Obama continues campaigning with Hillary Clinton, or will the quiet defection continue.

I can’t say if this story is true at this point. I can only report there are many buzzards circling. I provided the resume of Steve Pieczenik, so people would understand that he is no kook.

I believe further evidence came from Comey himself, likely reluctantly reopening this case. I believe his hand was forced.

We will know more very soon.


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