Emotional Liberal Pansy Argues Immigration

The problem with these social justice warriors occurs when they have no logic.

Yet another emotional pansy with the intellect of a three year old.

This child counts down the reasons Trump is supposedly a hypocrite.

He wants to deport people!”

Yes…illegal people.

When quizzed about that little detail, the youngster appears unaware. He struggled to come up with an answer to this devilishly clever question. How dare the inquisitor use logic!

Below George Carlin summarizes things a bit. (language warning).

John Gabriel posed many more difficult queries that I would love to see Liberals answer:

After a decade of failed — and often deceptive — Republican and Democratic efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform, nearly everyone distrusts everyone else on the issue. A divide between the parties is expected, but more damaging is the intraparty battle within the GOP. Once President George W. Bush went all-in for an immigration package that proposed amnesty that wasn’t called amnesty and a fence that wasn’t actually a fence, conservatives understandably no longer assumed good faith in their party leaders.

Immigration and border enforcement have long been divisive issues, but there are a few areas of common ground. Nearly all voters believe we should expedite the processing of passports, and most believe that, say, a successful, America-loving businessman from Manila shouldn’t have to wait two decades to become a US citizen. But popular reforms like these have been consistently buried within 1,000-page omnibus bills that overhaul border security, the H1B visa program, and college financing for children of illegal immigrants.

Immigration has been made a complicated issue. It needn’t be. But as Carlin says, the illusion is that our opinions matter.


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