Former Black Democrat Whistleblows on Cheating Democrats

Meet Brittany Foreman. This young lady doesn’t look like the typical Republican. When she speaks, you get the idea that she is just Jane Doe American trying to make a living.

In fact, that’s exactly who she is. She’s a Conservative, and voted Republican. What’s more astonishing is this young lady reported voter fraud on Democrats in Philly.

This should scare Democrats to their core. This young lady represents hundreds more in Philly, perhaps thousands. They won’t sit idly by as Democrats steal an election.

If for some reason Hillary Clinton were to make it {don’t worry, she won’t}, she will have people who look like Brittany fighting against her. Brittany knows the game, as do many blacks, and many young women. They have sickened of Hillary Clinton, and other politicians cheating their way into office, then oppressing all the groups the politicians claim to want to help.

As you get to the polls today, know that millions of Brittanys all over America are voting with you. They are no longer satisfied with the status quo. Further, they know that Hillary Clinton is crooked; that she won’t help blacks or anybody else.

Finally, the Brittanys realize that Barack Obama has been a disaster, and has aided and abetted a criminal.

The Brittanys won’t burn down towns, and they won’t shoot cops. But they are fighting. For the first time in a very long time, the Brittanys fight with us.

The Brittanys will cause every lecherous black Democrat intent on cheating to watch their backs. They no longer can depend on overwhelming support of the black community to be complicit in their fraud. The prospect of prison is very real for the Leftists who cheat in this election. Former black Liberals no longer have their backs.

Get the word out about Brittany Foreman. Send this to every Liberal you know. This is a warning of the new America. If Trump is not elected, we won’t go down lightly. There will be consequences to those who believe they can cheat us any longer.

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